How to Play Steam Games on Oculus Quest 2 without A PC?

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One of Oculus Quest 2’s finest advantages is that you should always connect them to your game PC manually through USB so that you may play more challenging VR games, which otherwise wouldn’t be running on the headgear indigenous.

That’s fantastic if you really want to keep playing titles like Half-Life Alyx, but then you’re actually tied to a PC now – so much for the unrestricted independence that is being advertised on the Quester system.

Since that time, Platform virtualization programmers – and lately Oculus himself – have both found out that you may broadcast your Virtual reality headset off your Computer and easily synchronize all your motions through the Wi-Fi network.

Either choice will provide you with the perfect blend: allow you to enjoy video games without first being connected to your laptop by wire. 

Oculus approach, named Air Link, is currently available as a headgear function (provided you run OS v28), whereas a $20 program is needed for utilizing the Virtual Computer. Both choices have merits, so we will guide you through the configuration of each.


Oculus launched the Air Link software v 28 towards the end of April 2021, which supports the broadcasting of networked PCs. To verify that the correct software runs your Quest: 

  1. To enter system configuration, tap on the gear symbol at the top of your headphone. 
  2. To locate the “About” page go right to the floor and tap on it. Help ensure that the software version is 28 or above while you are there. 
  3. Now you must activate the functionality in your PC in the Oculus software. Keep in mind that the application, such as the headgear, is updated to v28. 
  4. On the left column, click “Settings.” 
  5. To view the firmware version, go over to the “General” page and keep scrolling. 
  6. Select the “Beta” option in the main preferences for the Oculus PC app. This is where Air Link must be found, at least until beta exits. 
  7. Turn the Air Link switch on. 

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Yet another PC program is available to install: Virtual Desktop Streamer. It is free of charge and produced by the same people that developed the Virtual Desktop application that you bought on Quest or Quest 2. This application is required for PC multimedia streaming over Wi-Fi to your headset. 

  1. You will have to enter your Oculus login in the streaming box when this application is successfully installed 
  2. You can locate the Oculus application on mobile, navigate to “Settings” and then touch on the section showing your contact details if you do not know it off the bottom of your head. Your name is the phrase beside your avatar. 
  3. Hit “Save” when this is input 

This is the final stage! Nevertheless, it is important to run the Platform Virtualization Streaming site application in an attempt to connect with your PC on your headset.

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