Oculus Rift – Download Oculus Rift App PC Version

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Oculus Rift is one of the new and upcoming pieces of technology that will be taking gamers by storm. Currently, Oculus Rift only has an app on Windows PC computers, but there are ways to download oculus rift for windows pc and which we’re going to discuss today.

Let’s first start off with some quick facts:

1. Oculus Rift requires a video card to run.

2. The app is only available for Windows PC computers, not any other pc device like Mac or Linux computers.

3. The app currently costs $14.99 in the Windows app store.

So, now that you know what you’re dealing with, let’s download Oculus Rift for Windows PC!

Method 1: Download Oculus Rift via VirtualDesktop Method

Step 1: This method is by far the easiest method to download oculus rift app on your Windows computer. There are no installation files, just simply download and run. It’s that simple!

Step 2: First off, go to the Oculus Rift site  and register for an account.

Step 3: After you have registered for an Oculus Rift account, make sure the download is up to date and click on this link:  https://share.oculusvr.com/app/VirtualDesktopBeta

Step 4: Click on “download”. Make sure it’s setup as non-steam so that it will not require steam to run the Oculus Rift app on your windows pc.

Step 5: Open VirtualDesktop and click “install”. This will install it on your computer at C:Program Files (x86)/Virtual Desktop/ .

Step 6: Your Oculus Rift app should now be available for download and running! Enjoy virtual reality on your Windows PC!

Method 2: Download Oculus Rift via Steam Method

Step 1:The steam method is the more difficult method but it allows you to play all Oculus Rift exclusive games on your Windows PC!

Step 1: This method requires downloading the Oculus Runtime for the first time. After that, any updates will automatically download through steam.

Step 2: Go to this link  to download the runtime set up for Oculus Rift.

Step 3: Run the installer and make sure you run it as an administrator! (right click -> run as administrator)

Step 4: This will install the runtime on your computer in C:Program Files (x86)/Oculus/ . After that, your oculus home will be in C:Program Files (x86)/Oculus/Software/ .

Step 5: Now, download the Oculus app for windows pc through steam.

Step 6: To launch your oculus home in VR mode, make sure you are in expert (full) when running the game. This will automatically start up Oculus Home when launching a game. You can also manually load up “oculus home” from within the library of steam.

Step 7: Enjoy all your Oculus Rift games from any computer!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using this article’s comment section at the bottom! We’re always here to help!

Thank you for reading our article on how to download oculus rift app on Windows PC.