Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Is the oculus compatible with Mac?

Among the first VR headsets to come into the market, the Oculus Rift is still not supporting Mac. It was officially stated by Oculus (now a Facebook-owned company), that: both Oculus Rift S and Rift are suited for Windows PC use only, for now.

Q. Can you see the history of your browser on Oculus?

Oculus doesn’t really communicate to the databases your whole browsing history. However, it gathers website domain statistics, in order to analyze the number of unique visitors visiting a given website to prioritize which websites it could concentrate on in a compatible and performing way.

Q. Does it enable cross-purchasing through the Oculus Quest?

Yes. Users would not want the identical game to purchase twice if you have Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S. No worry since you can buy and exchange titles on both headsets with crossover purchases if you know these things are supported. Cross-purchase simply buys a title on one device and can play the game on another device, without having to re-purchase it.

A lot of Oculus games may be played using this approach on the Oculus Rift as well as on the Oculus Rifts S. Oculus alludes to cross-buying, and so you can exchange titles between devices via the Oculus store on both Quest and the Rift S. Ensure that both headsets are registered together in the same Oculus account for this purpose.

Q. How can I show up on Oculus offline? 

Tap on your username in the Oculus desktop app. From the top right a side panel slides. You will notice the choice for either to seem online or seem offline, tap on the small triple dots at the upper right.

Q. Can anyone see on Oculus what I do? 

How can I regulate my Oculus information and activity? You may pick who can see your actual name, business, and buddy’s network in the Oculus app once you establish a profile. 

Q. How can I hide in oculus my actual name? 

This is on the official site, log in and enter “My Profile” and modify your login details to what others in Oculus Home would like to see (and in games). Caution: Only once every SIX MONTH may you do this. Modify your configuration of “Privacy,” so that nobody can see your true name.

Q. Can you play offline with the Oculus Rift? 

The good news is that the headset may be used offline when you have finished the basic headset setup. So it is better to plan and to download some information if you know at some time that you wish to utilize the headset free of a broadband connection. 

Q. Without a PC, can you play Oculus Quest 2? 

No cables or a PC are needed. It all plays games alone unless you wish to connect to a mega PC. It’s the first headgear that makes you excited about VR.

Q. Without Facebook, can I use Oculus Quest 2? 

In September 2020, the latest headset was revealed on Facebook by Oculus Quest 2. This also stated that now the gadget necessitates a Facebook connection – there’s really no method to have and use the headgear without checking in with Facebook.